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At Sunny Dell Foods is a family owned business that started in 1994 as a cannery for mushrooms. Owners Gary and Lori Caligiuri both grew up with families in the mushroom industry that taught them the ins and outs. 

Sunny Dell Foods being located in the Mushroom Capital allowed for canned mushrooms to be the roots of production as partnerships and innovation grew.

Sunny Dell Foods uncompromising commitment to securing quality fresh product, and strict processing procedures, combine to insure that our finished products are of the highest standards and specifications. Mushrooms used in both the canning and freezing operation are subjected to repeated inspections as they pass through the plant. Any mushroom not meeting Sunny Dell Foods high standard for freezing or canning are removed. Mushrooms judged to be ideal are now ready to be prepared to the end-user’s requirement. 

     Critical control factor checks are conducted throughout the day. Quality checks include can seam tear downs, drained weights, microbiological tests, color, texture, uniformity of size, symmetry and flavor. Only after all tests have been completed and the results certified is the product shipped to the customer. 




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Sunny Dell Foods, Inc.
135 N 5th Street
Oxford, PA 19363
P 610-932-5164 F 610-932-5479

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